Santa Saturdays

The big man himself visited The Wheatsheaf not once, not twice but three times in December, see all the fun we had!

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Festive Extravaganza

Saturday 18th November.

Mrs Claus’ Kitchen and our GIANT Christ Pudding were a big hit this weekend! We made plenty of cupcakes decorated perfectly for Christmas and we heard loads of stories of Mrs Claus’ adventures with Santa in her storytelling sessions. Plus, did you know Mrs Claus was an amazing singer?! Well you do now.

Thank you to everyone who came and we hope you can spot yourself in these pictures.

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Spooky Storytelling

Saturday 28th October

We hope you guys had as much fun as we did at our Spooky Storytelling session this weekend!

This is a Wheatsheaf Kids Club Event which is open to children of all ages.

Sign up at the event to remain updated on future events and competitions.

Here are some of our favourite moments:

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Saturday 21st October

We had such a great time at our Whodunnit Event on Saturday! So many young shoppers were able to figure out that Badger stole the vegetables!

It was so much fun to see everyone dressed in a lab coat and trying their hand at the Forensic Scientist role.

Our Wheatsheaf Kids Club Events are free and open to children of all ages.

Sign up at our next event to remain updated on future events and competitions.

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Rochdale Literature Festival

Saturday 21st October.

We enjoyed listening to Ray Stearn and Adam Perrott read stories and sing songs as part of Rochdale Literature Fest this weekend.

Check out our pictures and let us know what you thought of the festival on Facebook.

We are an official sponsor of the Rochdale Literature & Ideas Festival. For more information on their work head HERE.

Back To School

The kids are back at school, and secretly you’re glad of the peace, but have you forgotten anything? Check what you could pick up from The Wheatsheaf with our Back to School guide. With items from Wilko, Argos, Peacocks, New Look and Select Fashion. You’ll find something for them whatever their taste.

back to school girl
back to school boy

Eid Celebrations

On Saturday we celebrated Eid at The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre, Rochdale.
A Sitar and Tabla drummer duo provided music throughout the day and kept all of our shoppers thoroughly entertained with traditional music. Not only this, but a Professional Henna Artist came to celebrate with us by decorating shoppers’ hands with some beautiful patterns and intricate designs. For our younger shoppers, a craft workshop was set up for kids to create some works of art to take home with them.
This was a truly memorable day that we had at The Wheatsheaf, you can check out the pictures from the day with our slideshow!
To keep up to date with all of our news and events, keep an eye out on our Website, Facebook and Twitter.

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Eat and Greet

Over the last four weeks we have had a different character at The Wheatsheaf each week to eat dinner with five lucky winners!

Every week five of you have sat down at Russell’s Cafe and tucked into a free meal sat next to our of your heroes! So who was there?

Well, in week one we had Beauty and the Beast making an appearance to kick start the Summer.

In week two we saw some tricks and turns from your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Another famous duo came along for week three but instead of Beauty and the Beast it was Anna and Elsa from frozen, they made the weekend extra special.

Last weekend was week four and to close the Eat and Greet Summer Fun we had the one, the only… Batman!

Did you come down to eat with our famous look-a-likes or were you there at the Centre afterwards to meet each character?

Let us know on Facebook and see if we got a picture of you on the day!

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Charity Cyclothon!

Last Saturday we got a little out of breath cycling for our Charity Cyclothon in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity.

You guys hopped on board our stationary bicycles to clock up the miles and power your way to a good feeling! Thank you to everyone who came down to help fund raise. We had a great time and we hope you did too!

Last Friday some of our retailers got on board with our Charity Cyclothon and raced against each other in three teams to see which team could cycle the farthest in ten minutes. Staff from Select, Ryman, Newlook and our own centre management team got involved on the day, so a big thank you to them also.

The Brain Tumour Charity have:
* Invested £18.3 million into pioneering research
* Reduced the average childhood diagnosis time from 14.4 weeks to 6.5 weeks through their HeadSmart campaign
* Supported over 20,000 people through their Support & Information Service

Find out more about the amazing and lifesaving work they do here:

Were you there? Share your pictures with us on Facebook. We’d love to see them!



Shiver Me Timbers!

On Saturday 27th May, Captain Greybeard set his anchor in The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre and encouraged smaller shoppers to transform into swashbuckling pirates by visiting the free craft workshop and personalising a pirate hat and eye patch, before climbing aboard to indulge in captivating tales from the Seven Seas!

Many shoppers also kindly donated to our nominated charity of the year – The Brain Tumour Charity as the Captain of the ship roamed the centre raising awareness. Thank you to everyone who donated and came along to enjoy sea tales and crafts with us.

Did you join us for an adventurous weekend?

See if you can spot yourself or your shipmates on our Facebook Page. <<< MORE PICTURES HERE

pirate smaller

Employee of the Month

And the award for Employee Of The Month goes to…

James Oliver and Sophina Blackburn.

James and Sophina are both winners of April’s employees of the month!


EOTM april
EOTM april2

Eggcellent Easter Entertainment

On Saturday 15th April, we celebrated Easter here at The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre with a FREE Easter egg hunt around the Centre, story telling at our Honesty Library and Easter crafts!

Little shoppers made their very own Easter themed bookmark at our FREE craft workshop and our egg hunt around the Centre was very popular!
Children had to find the symbols hidden in store windows to spell out “EASTER” for the chance to WIN a giant chocolate Easter egg.


Employee of The Month

And the award for Employee Of The Month goes to…

Waseem and Dimitri!

Waseem Akhtar (Security) and Dimitri Bower (Housekeeping) went above and beyond their call of duty and have been named as March’s employees of the month!

Both have shown outstanding dedication to their role and presented excellent customer service.



Style Clinic

On Saturday 18th March, the Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre played host to a Style Clinic – a fashion focused pop-up event.

A professional stylist and make-up artist were on hand to offer shoppers of Rochdale advice and helpful top tips on getting the perfect spring/summer wardrobe! Each shopper was given a style guide to note down their fashion likes and dislikes, day-to-day routines and where they usually shop – which enabled the experts to hand-pick specific items from the Centre’s fantastic fashion mix.

Everyone who attended had the opportunity to enter a competition to win a fabulous £200 shopping spree – the perfect gift for Mother’s Day! We will be contacting the winner shortly via email… so keep your eyes peeled and good luck!


Honesty Library

We need your unwanted books! On World Book Day, Thursday 2nd March we launched our Honesty Library and we need your help to keep the shelves filled. Please continue to bring any unwanted books to The Wheatsheaf and place into the book bins located on the mall.

The concept of the Honesty Library is simple, shoppers of all ages are welcome to sit back and relax in our comfy library and read a book, take a book in exchange for another book or leave a small donation that will go to The Brain Tumour Charity.

The Brain Tumour Charity is at the forefront of the fight to defeat brain tumours, making a difference every day to the lives of people with a brain tumour and their families. They fund pioneering research to increase survival, raise awareness of the symptoms and effects of brain tumours and provide support for everyone affected to improve quality of life.



Rochdale Recieved A Valentine's Buzz

On Saturday 11th February, the people of Rochdale  were invited to beat the electrifying Love Buzz game. Shoppers had to get to the end of the buzz wire game without setting off the alarm to win gift cards to spend at stores in the Centre.

Throughout the day participants that finished the game in the quickest time were placed onto the love leader board to win the top prize of a luxury Valentine’s hamper filled with goodies worth £75. Congratulations to James Taylor who completed the game in the fastest time and won the prize.

A miniature buzz wire game was also provided for smaller shoppers to try the game alongside FREE Valentine card making.



Valentine winner

Amazon Lockers are here

We’re very pleased to announce that Amazon Lockers have arrived in The Wheatsheaf!

If you would like your parcels delivered to a safe, secure location, simply select The Wheatsheaf Shopping Centre as your preferred delivery location and your parcel will be sent directly to one of our secure lockers.

You will then be sent an email with a unique code and pick up instructions. Enter your code into the keypad on the lockers to access your parcel. Deliveries will be held in the lockers for three working days after your code has been sent.